Blue North is a specialist consulting practice that supports businesses in the agricultural and food sectors in the proactive clarification, development and implementation of sustainability strategies.

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SHERPA is an integrated on-line management system specifically designed to support & empower business owners, managers and management-teams within agricultural supply-chains, in the development and implementation of proactive, relevant and impactful sustainability strategies for their businesses.

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The Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative is a carbon footprinting project, developed to support the South African fruit and wine sectors through identifying and responding to the risks and opportunities associated with carbon emissions.

Blue North is the in-country implementation partner for FruitLook in South Africa. A web-based program that uses satellite-based data to assist farmers with their crop management. Metrics such as biomass production, evapotranspiration, water use efficiency, and more are provided on a continuous weekly basis for the largest part of the Western Cape throughout the year.

Blue North is the in-country implementation partner for Grape Compass in South Africa. Grape Compass is a cellphone application that can be used by viticulturalists and grape growers. It is a fungal disease forecasting system to control powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis. It enables optimal timing for sprays, avoidance of unnecessary sprays and results in better quality grapes and wine.

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