A holistic approach to sustainability

For us, sustainability begins with a business securing a holistic and strategic grasp of the economic, social and environmental dependencies and impacts that collectively determine its resilience – its ability to thrive in the face of the shocks, disruptions, opportunities and change associated with an increasingly integrated, uncertain and volatile world.

From this vantage point, we work to empower businesses to develop and drive proactive interventions that make business sense in the short-term and which add real strategic value in the long-term.

Meet our team

David Farrell

Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc. Agriculture (Horticultural Science); PDMM; MBA; qualified TOC Practitioner.

Eddie Vienings

Chief Operating Officer

B.Eng (Industrial Engineering); MBA; qualified TOC Practitioner.

Anél Blignaut

Senior Associate

B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal physiology; Zoology; Nature Conservation); M.Sc. Forestry (Conservation Ecology); Registered Professional Natural Scientist.

Kerry Saywood


B.Sc. (Chemistry & Biochemistry); B.Sc. Honours (Polymer Science).

Dianca Yssel


B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science with Conservation ecology); M.Sc. Animal Science.

Carina Wessels


B.Sc. Hons Biodiversity & Ecology; M.Sc. Climate Change & Sustainable Development.

Solène Dehosse


BCom (Hons) Financial Management; MCom Business Management.

Chantelle Smit


B.Sc. Conservation Ecology; M.Sc. cum laude Entomology.

Karlien Heyns


BEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering); MEng (Industrial Engineering).

Natasha Atkinson


B.Sc. Hons. Biodiversity and Ecology.

Malissa Murphy


BSc Earth Science; BSc (Hons) Environmental Soil Science.

Che-Slovo Jood


B Agric (Extension and Plant Production).

Gerald Payne

Platform Manager

Dip Computer Science.

Jonè Carter


BSc (Zoology).

Cheryl Kleinhans

Business Support Manager

Credit Management 1 2 3.

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