Water Stewardship Case Study with TFFG and Waterford Farm

As part of Worldwide Fruit’s Water Stewardship programme, Blue North is writing up a number of case studies on Worldwide Fruit’s key growers and where they are in terms of water stewardship in their main catchments. The aim of these case studies is to raise awareness on water challenges, but also to showcase sustainability strategies that South African growers are implementing.

The Fruit Farm Group (TFFG) is an international business with operations in four countries over three continents. Waterford Farm is one of TFFG’s South African farms and is located in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands region, where they focus purely on avocados. For Waterford farm, water is critical to farm efficiently and be competitive in a pressurised market. Water use monitoring and recording is an important Key Performance Indicator for them. Even though the majority of Waterford’s water comes from rainfall, they do irrigate in the dry season, especially on younger trees. They have redesigned their irrigation system to gravity irrigate, leading to improved efficiency and massive electricity savings. TFFG also wants to be leaders in regenerative agriculture. With their farming methods, they aim to produce the healthiest fruit and vegetables nature can grow, while promoting soil health and combatting climate change.


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