Water Stewardship Case Study: Viru (Peru)

Retailers and consumers globally are urging the supply chain to enhance its understanding of water usage and promote sustainable practices. Responding to this imperative, Worldwide Fruit Limited (WFL) actively invest in water stewardship initiatives across their global supply base. As part of their Courtauld Commitments, they are presenting a series of case studies from their strategic  farmers  growing in water vulnerable regions.

This case study showcases Virú, a Peruvian company and strategic avocado supply chain partner for WFL, is the 18th case study in the series and highlights the current water situation in its main avocado-growing region, La Libertad (Chavimochic Irrigation Project). Virú integrates sustainability into its corporate strategy and operations, employing efficient water-use methodologies despite an abundant water supply. The company is committed to developing and implementing strategies to address and mitigate challenges from floods and water scarcity due to climate change.

Read the full case study here.

Over the next few months, the case studies from supplying farms will not only focus on water stewardship initiatives, but also address the social-ethical impact of crop production on the workforce (safe WASH), local communities and the environment.