The SHERPA Sustainability Management System

Are you tired of the effort and cost of managing multiple standards and feeling like you are constantly having to jump through hoops when it comes to sustainability?

We believe that a sustainability strategy can only deliver real value when it is developed “by the business, for the business”. This means it needs to be under your full control and fully reflect your business-specific features, needs and priorities. This means moving decisively away from the reactive and defensive position often associated with the “top-down” approaches that predominate today, to a proactive and confident position only made possible by a “bottom-up” approach.

What is SHERPA?

SHERPA is a first of a kind online Sustainability Management System designed as a “bottom up” approach that puts your business’s sustainability strategy development, execution, measurement and reporting in your hands. SHERPA guides and empowers businesses in agricultural/food supply chains on the challenging and complex journey to achieve true and lasting resilience, viability, and sustainability (

Want to learn more?

We will shortly be hosting a series of webinars to introduce the SHERPA system. If you are interested to learn more please REGISTER HERE to join us.

During the webinar we will be covering: An introduction to SHERPA, the problem of “top-down” approaches, why a “bottom-up” approach is so critical, how SHERPA achieves this and an introduction to each of the key modules of SHERPA. We will also take you through and a live and interactive demo of the system.

It’s time to take charge of your sustainability strategy…