Water Stewardship Case Study with De Keur

As part of Worldwide Fruit’s Water Stewardship programme, Blue North is writing up a number of case studies on Worldwide Fruit’s key growers and where they are in terms of water stewardship in their key catchments. The aim of these case studies is to raise awareness on water challenges, but also to showcase sustainability strategies that South African growers are implementing.

The De Keur Group consists of three separate businesses, De Keur Estates, De Keur Packaging and De Keur Marketing, and is truly a family run business who is committed to making a difference in the immediate community. Three of the five De Keur Estates farms are situated in the Koue Bokkeveld, while the other two are closer to the town of Ceres. De Keur Estates has a long history of supplying first class agricultural produce, as the first farm was bought in 1934. De Keur Packaging was acquired in 2001. As part of the De Keur Group’s sustainability journey, the first solar panels were installed at De Keur Packaging in 2018. De Keur is passionate about sustainable farming through regenerative agriculture. They are convinced regenerative farming is the answer for them to be more sustainable and produce healthier and more nutritious fruit. De Keur has done a lot of work on using water more sustainably, especially since a severe drought hit large parts of the Western Cape province from 2015 to 2018, including the Koue Bokkeveld. De Keur truly cares for the environment, they love their people, they love their plants, they love the soil, and they love what they do.


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