Spanish Water Stewardship Case Study with TROPS

As part of Worldwide Fruit’s Water Stewardship programme, Blue North is writing up a number of case studies on Worldwide Fruit’s key growers and where they are in terms of water stewardship in their main catchments. The aim of these case studies is to raise awareness on water challenges, but also to showcase sustainability strategies that growers around the world are implementing.

This case study presents TROPS, a producers organisation bringing together more than 3 000 associated farmers from Spain and Portugal. TROPS is a strategic partner and avocado supplier for Worldwide Fruit. 

TROPS’ primary production regions include the Axarquía region of the province of Málaga, the tropical coast of Granada, Valencia, Cádiz, and Huelva, as well as the Portuguese Algarve region. TROPS’ state-of-the-art classification and packaging plant in Vélez-Málaga also ensures optimal fruit processing using cutting-edge technologies.

TROPS goes the extra mile in offering support to farmers, especially around water-related challenges faced in drought-affected regions. One approach is the implementation of smart irrigation systems on farms. TROPS also actively participates as a promoter in the ‘Agua+S’ Project to tackle water scarcity in the province of Málaga. This project proposes a desalination plant near the coast, a network of pumping stations along a river, and a floating photovoltaic plant on a reservoir. TROPS also make use of reclaimed water to ensure a sustainable water supply for agriculture, and they are working towards improving water conductivity to enhance irrigation efficiency and optimise water usage. TROPS was the first company in Europe to have the avocado water footprint of their farmers verified by SGS.

In addition to water-related initiatives, TROPS engages in other environmental efforts such as agronomic research, carbon footprint reduction, biodiversity conservation, and the generation of bio-fertilisers from waste. These initiatives contribute to their overall commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. They also have a strong focus on social initiatives which includes support for their farmers and promoting employee well-being.

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