Making practical sense of strong sustainability

How do we translate the ideas of Strong Sustainability into concepts that can practically assist and guide business leaders in the running of their businesses?

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125 Trillion Reasons!

US$125 trillion per year – that’s US$125 with 12 zero’s! That’s the latest estimate of the global value of ecosystem services that nature provides on an annual basis, estimated by Robert Costanza, a renowned ecological economist, and colleagues. To put this number in perspective, the 2016 global GDP is estimated to reach around US$76 trillion.

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Summary: Is Earth recognised as a finite system in corporate responsibility reporting?

An extensive study by a team of Danish researchers (Bjørn et al. (2016)) highlights the failure of Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting to translate into tangible changes in business strategy. In Blue North’s context, this reinforces the importance of our approach: informed by ‘strong’ sustainability, our work revolves around the acceptance of absolute biophysical limits.

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