Project: SCHIP online supply chain management application

SCHIP is an online application developed exclusively for the Chingford Fruit Limited (Chingfords) supply chain, to provide visibility across their supply chain and streamlined integration with other financial and reporting systems. SCHIP has been developed by Sigma Freight, a UK-based software company that specialises in providing solutions to the freight and logistics industry. The SCHIP application is available to packhouses, exporters, freight forwarders and freight clearers within the Chingfords supply chain.


Blue North Sustainability manages the SCHIP project on behalf of Chingford Fruit Limited in South Africa.  This involves meeting with the suppliers and freight forwarders in South Africa, to introduce the software and provide training.  Business and operational processes are then set up and aligned within these companies to use the SCHIP application.





During the pilot phase of the project the stakeholders were briefed on the software and processes.  Thereafter training took place at Kromco and LCL Logistics, together with the Chingford’s representative in South Africa.  From this process, a few software and processing issues arose which were attended to by Sigma Freight and Chingford Fruit Limited.  SCHIP is now used on a weekly basis at Kromco and LCL Logistics.


Currently there has been a successful roll out to Tru-Cape in 2015 with potential roll out to other suppliers later in the year.