A consortium, made up of BayWa Global Produce, T&G Global, Worldwide Fruit and Mansfields, have commissioned Blue North to conduct a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of their Jazz Apple supply chains from New Zealand and the United Kingdom to Retailers in the United Kingdom. The LCA is being done from “cradle-to-grave” and aimed to enable Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Carbon Labelling as well as Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) labelling. The LCA output will consider multiple impact categories and will support the strategies of the consortium towards reducing environmental impacts and, ultimately, the achievement of “net-zero”.

Blue North is deploying SHERPA as the primary data collection instrument for this project and is doing the LCA modelling in the OpenLCA software platform with the Ecoinvent database. We are excited to take on this global supply-chain LCA project with these industry-leading and forward-thinking companies.