Heronbrook Farm, a 6,5 hectare farm located on the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain has teamed up with Blue North to design, manage and implement a small scale regenerative farming operation. Heronbrook farm was previously used as a blue berry farm with a heavy reliance on chemicals which has left the soil and pastures in a severely degraded condition, posing a real challenge but affording Blue North the opportunity to assess, document and showcase the potential of a regenerative approach to farming.

The design was formed in alignment with the owner’s (Angela Price) goals and aspirations for the farm, and aims to address the ecological challenges while at the same time developing a profitable and diverse farming operation that integrates the principles of holistic management, agroforestry and market gardening.

A multi paddock dynamic grazing plan was initiated and sheep were introduced in addition to the three already existing horses. A 300m² market garden has been established with a winter cover crop to boost soil fertility and structure without the need for compost. Additional chickens have been added with intent on breeding and increasing numbers, and a composting operation that integrates composting worms produces as a by-product compost teas and fermentations which accelerate the process of composting as well as improve the fertility and biological activity of the garden beds.