The Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative is a carbon footprinting project, developed to support the South African fruit and wine sectors through identifying and responding to the risks and opportunities associated with carbon emissions.

The CCC initiative is managed on behalf of the South African Fruit and Wine Industry Bodies by Blue North Sustainability (Pty) Ltd. The CCC Initiative includes an online carbon-footprinting platform (updated regularly); a series of regular industry engagement workshops; a range of commodity-specific industry benchmark reports; and up-to-date and relevant energy and emissions-related news and information.

The CCC has grown year-on-year since its beginnings in 2009.  The database currently has over 1600 registered users with over 2000 accumulated datasets.  The data submitted as part of the benchmark process is also growing each year and now provides a credible benchmark for most commodities in the fruit sector.

The information provided in a carbon footprint report for an individual producer is extremely valuable in identifying the hotspots in their business and to indicate to them where they should focus their efforts to reduce not only carbon emissions but to minimise input costs and to ensure greater resource-efficiency and ultimately long-term sustainability of business activities and operations. In addition, you tick several market access boxes in terms of compliance with environmental assurance schemes.