Pixofarm Update: now available for citrus fruit and pears!

We are excited to announce that Pixofarm, an application used for fruit size measurement, counting and forecasting, is now available for use on citrus and pears. Pear and citrus growers can test the Sizing and Counting functions in a beta version for free this season!

In addition to new fruit types, more updates to Pixofarm have been made. This includes more detailed guidelines on how to take the pictures correctly to get the desired results and an upgrade of the Fruit Counting function making it even more accurate.

If you missed our article about what Pixofarm is please feel free to CLICK HERE to give it a read.

You can also CLICK HERE to join an upcoming webinar to learn more.Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, see a demonstration on how to use Pixofarm or have any questions please contact us at chantelle@bluenorth.co.za or 071 828 1310. You can also visit www.pixofarm.com for more information on the application.