Pixofarm: A great tool for apple producers

What is Pixofarm?

Pixofarm is an application designed to enable the accurate measurement of apples during the fruit growth phases and to consolidate and report this information to apple producers. This information is used to determine more accurate thinning requirements, yield estimates, fruit-size class distribution, etc.

What can Pixofarm do?

By simply taking a picture of the trees and apples within your orchards with a cell phone, Pixofarm helps you measure the size of your apples, counts the number of apples per tree and calculates their daily growth rate. Furthermore, Pixofarm has a built-in algorithm that can help you predict the diameter of your apples, their weight class distribution and the total production of your orchards. Pixofarm accurately monitors the yield of your orchard while saving you time.

What is Blue North’s role in Pixofarm?

Blue North has been appointed by Pixofarm to act as their South African implementation partner. This collaboration aims to support the roll-out of Pixofarm in the South African fruit industry (initially with a focus on apples) and provide all training and support (in-field and remote) to users. We provided several South African farmers with the opportunity to test Pixofarm for free in the previous season and we were very happy with the response.

In the words of one of our current South African users: “We started with Pixofarm around November 2020, and it truly opened a new door for us in measuring the amount of fruit on the trees per hectare. It also helps us track the growth of the apple’s week in and week out. I think if you don’t have Pixofarm you are behind because it will save you a lot of time and effort compared to traditional methods.”

We are therefore very excited to offer this application to more South African growers for the upcoming season.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, see a demonstration on how to use Pixofarm or have any questions please contact us at chantelle@bluenorth.co.za or 071 828 1310.