Confronting Climate Change launches new Carbon Heroes label and website 

Confronting Climate Change (CCC) is proud to announce that we have launched a new carbon footprint label and website where our B-graded license holders are recognised for meticulously calculating their carbon footprint. They are the Carbon Heroes of the South African Wine and Fruit Industry!

Visit to view our first batch of Carbon Heroes. The platform will grow and show many more farms in future, so please be sure to check back regularly as we add new Heroes.

This opportunity is presented free of charge and provides recognition to all our farmers and/or businesses by being awarded with either a one- or three-year label. Our one-year label means that you have calculated your carbon footprint in the past year, and you have your data sense checked against industry norms and values. Our three-year label distinguishes those Carbon Heroes that have meticulously calculated their carbon footprint for three consecutive years and have their data sense checked against industry norms and values.

Why a carbon footprint label?

With a carbon footprint label, you, as a farmer or business, can showcase to your customers how sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly your business or farm is being run. Previous research have shown that most people who are conscious about nutrition do read the nutritional facts label that appear on food products and buy their products based on its content. Similarly, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the carbon footprints of the products they buy. With a carbon footprint label, more people would become aware of what the impact the products they buy have on the environment, and would start buying in a more sustainable way. Research by the Carbon Trust in 2020 found that:

  • two-thirds of consumers think labelling is a good idea,
  • consumers also think more positively about a brand that is reducing their carbon footprint, and
  • France, Italy and Spain have the highest levels of support for carbon footprint labelling.

With the above in mind, CCC have been looking into the development of a carbon footprint label for quite a while now. As carbon footprint labels are still in its infancy, we have decided to start off with a a Carbon Heroes label and website to give recognition to our farmers and/or businesses for meticulously calculating their carbon footprint. We are not disclosing any actual carbon emissions figures and only provide recognition for the calculation of your carbon footprint. We are considering the option of having these labels as on-product labels in future. The idea will then be to include a QR code that will link you to the Carbon Heroes website, where each farm or business have their own profile where they can share information about their individual carbon emission reduction or environmental sustainability story, with a link back to their own website. This is great for additional marketing and exposure of your business or product. 

How does it work?

  1. Start to measure your carbon related inputs (e.g. fuel, electricity, fertiliser etc.).
  2. Register on the CCC online portal (
  3. Enter your data in the CCC carbon footprint calculator.
  4. Buy a license to generate your detailed carbon footprint report (at this stage you will automatically receive a C-grading)
  5. Let us know your data is ready to be sense checked.
  6. Once your data have been checked, you will receive a B-grading and can feature on our Carbon Heroes website.