Renewable Energy in the South African Fruit Sector

It is exciting to see the increasing use of renewable energy in the South Africa fruit sector.  With the recent year-on-year increases in the cost of electricity, and further above-inflation increases expected, combined with the massive reduction in the cost of renewable energy solutions, we have now reached the crossover point where renewable energy solutions are making financial sense.

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Confronting Climate Change

Over the past three months I have been totally emerged in the Fruit & Wine industry’s carbon footprinting project called “Confronting Climate Change” or CCC in short (Blue North is the appointed project managers for Phase 2 of this project).  It has been very rewarding to work hard on the envisaged solution for Phase 2 and seeing it systematically taking shape.

The project aims to assist the industry and users in constructing credible and benchmarkable carbon footprints for their supply-chain.  The main challenges for Phase 2 of the CCC project were to:

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