Fruit for the Future

From the Chingford Fruit October Publication – South African consultancy Blue North specialises in transforming agricultural supply chains, using its sound knowledge base and proven expertise to deliver practical, long-lasting improvements at ground level


Volatile prices, unpredictable weather patterns and surging demand from emerging economies are combining to threaten food security across the globe, putting farmers under more pressure than ever before. Never has the need to ensure sustainable long-term food production been so crucial.


Similarly, retailers selling the end product are coming under increasing pressure from consumers to source sustainably and reliably. They are being challenged on issues such as carbon footprint and ethical trading; and it’s clear that if they can’t provide the answers, their businesses will suffer as a result.


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Insights guiding our engagement with Chingford fruit

Chingford Fruit (CFL) is now our largest single client and they have been able to “plug and play” our strengths and capabilities in a very exciting way.


CFL is a large supplier to the Sainsbury’s retail chain (JS) in the UK. They were under pressure from JS to help them deliver products that were more “sustainable”. As a result they approached Blue North for assistance.

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