Announcement: The Carbon Trust recognises the CCC Carbon Footprinting Tool managed by Blue North.

Blue North is very pleased to announce that the Carbon Trust has recently completed an independent audit of the Carbon Footprinting Tool that forms a key part of the South African Fruit and Wine Industry’s Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative, one of Blue North’s strategic projects in the industry.


The Carbon Trust has released the following formal statement in this regard:






“The audit involved a detailed review of all aspects of the CCC tool, including the application of the PAS 2050 protocol within the methodology, the calculations & emissions factors used and the data collection approach. As a result of this audit, the Carbon Trust is able to affirm the following:


  • The CCC tool and methodology satisfy the fundamental requirements of internationally accepted carbon footprinting approaches, in particular those used for agricultural products.
  • The CCC tool takes a similar approach to other publicly available footprinting tools and has the added advantage of being specifically developed to calculate emissions related to the production of perennial crops.
  • The CCC tool is expertly designed and has the capability to measure and report carbon emissions from farm to international receiving port.
  • The tool can serve as a reliable basis for stakeholders of the South African fruit and wine industry, including retailers, to measure emissions across South African fruit and wine supply-chains.”


This outcome represents an important milestone for the CCC project as it confirms the international acceptability and credibility of the footprinting tool. The completion of the review also comes at an important time in the life of the initiative, which will be entering its third phase and 6th year in February 2014.  The CCC Initiative has established itself as a key platform and resource in positioning the South African Fruit and Wine Industries as international leaders in proactively responding to the challenges posed by climate change.