Carbon Heroes Website and Label Grow in Popularity

Visit to see how the numbers of our Carbon Heroes have grown.  

Blue North launched a new carbon footprint label and website at the end of 2021 to recognise our B-graded license holders for meticulously calculating their carbon footprint. They are the Carbon Heroes of the South African Wine and Fruit Industry!

This opportunity is presented free of charge and provides recognition to all our farmers and/or businesses by being awarded with either a one- or three-year label. Our one-year label means that you have calculated your carbon footprint in the past year, and you have your data sense checked against industry norms and values. Our three-year label distinguishes those Carbon Heroes that have meticulously calculated their carbon footprint for three consecutive years and have their data sense checked against industry norms and values.

Do you also want to be a Carbon Hero? All you need to do is:
  1. Start to measure your carbon related inputs (e.g. fuel, electricity, fertiliser etc.).
  2. Register on the CCC online portal (
  3. Enter your data in the CCC carbon footprint calculator.
  4. Buy a license to generate your detailed carbon footprint report (at this stage you will automatically receive a C-grading)
  5. Let us know your data is ready to be sense checked.
  6. Once your data have been checked, you will receive a B-grading and can feature on our Carbon Heroes website!
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