Blue North Welcomes New Associates

With the increasing scope of Blue North’s work, we are very pleased to welcome two new associates to the team: Lorren de Kock and Anél Blignaut.


Lorren is an Industrial engineer with 14 years’ experience. Her experience has mostly been gained in consulting and project environments across a diverse set of industries, including  transport and food processing optimization, production planning in the aerospace and defence industry, supply chain optimization projects in the automotive industry and, before joining Blue North, a stint in the IT world as a SAP (System Applications Products) functional consultant and business analyst in Human Capital Management and the financial services industry.


Coming from a systemic and technical background, Lorren will be assisting with life cycle carbon footprint assessments for the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) and Sustainable Fruit and Wine initiatives projects. Her exposure to supply chain optimization projects will be of great value in analysing current supply chains in the industry and assisting in their transformation to become more sustainable through the application of various measures and indicators.



Lorren de Kock

Anél has been working in the environmental field for over twelve years, with experience across various environmental science disciplines.  These include, but are not limited to, ecological restoration, captive wildlife management and breeding, various environmental certification systems and auditing, environmental impact assessment processes, environmental management plans and waste management. Anél is passionate about managing the interface between human activities and potential environmental degradation risks and finding practical and cost-effective solutions to mitigate these risks.  Specific fields of interest include agriculture, effective natural resource and energy management, and waste management.


Anél will be managing the Confronting Climate Change project at Blue North, a strategic cross-industry initiative aimed at supporting the South African fruit and wine sectors’ efforts to effectively realise and respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by climate change.


Anél Blignaut

We look forward to working with Lorren and Anél, and we wish them the best of luck for their time at Blue North!