A reminder for apple producers that Blue North is running a pilot of Pixofarm and would like to give you a free trial!  

What is Pixofarm?

Pixofarm is a downloadable application, designed to enable the accurate measurement of apples through the fruit growth phases and to consolidate and report this information to apple producers for the purposes of more accurately determining thinning requirements, yield estimates, fruit size-class distribution etc.

What can Pixofarm do?

Via taking pictures on your cellphone of the trees and apples within your orchards, Pixofarm helps you measure the size of your apples, count the number of apples per tree and calculate the daily growth rate of your apples. Furthermore, Pixofarm has an algorithm built in that can help you predict the diameter of your apples, their weight class distribution and the total production of your orchards. With Pixofarm you get accurate yield monitoring for your orchard and can save a lot of time!

What is Blue North’s role in Pixofarm?

Blue North has been appointed by Pixofarm to act as their South African implementation partner. This collaboration aims to support the roll-out of Pixofarm in the South African fruit industry (initially with a focus on Apples) and to provide all training as well as in-field and remote support to users.

What is the purpose of the pilot?

The pilot aims to expose, at no cost for a limited period, a number of South African apple producers to the Pixofarm application so that they can experience the functioning and value of the technology and to provide an initial foothold of users and use-cases in the South African apple industry.

How can you participate in the pilot?

If you wish to experience this amazing new technology for yourself, Blue North can give you access to Pixofarm for a limited period of time. If you are interested, please fill in the form at this link: https://forms.gle/SZqrxsWJeNqXr1rw7. You can also contact us by sending an email to dianca@bluenorth.co.za or by calling 0636885593.

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    • Eddie Vienings
      Eddie Vienings says:

      Hi Mdumiseni, the citrus algorithm is currently under development. We will post a notice on our website and social media channels as soon as it is ready for a South African pilot.

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