Blue North appointed as in-country implementation partner for the FruitLook Initiative.

We are excited to announce that Blue North has been appointed by the Dutch Satellite solutions company eLEAF BV, as their in-country implementation partner for the FruitLook Initiative for the 2019/20 project year.  eLEAF provides satellite based data and applications for agriculture and water management to a global client base. eLEAF has been active in South Africa since 2006 and responsible for FruitLook since 2010.

The overarching goal of FruitLook is to provide relevant and timeous information to farmers in support of improved water-use-efficiency of agriculture in the Western Cape. Farm and field-level information, including crop water-use, water stress, plant growth and nitrogen status – derived from satellite imagery and local weather station data – is provided on weekly intervals to farmers via the Fruitlook online platform. FruitLook is funded by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and is available at no charge to all farmers in the Western Cape.

Blue North takes on the responsibility for supporting farmers and other stakeholders in the adoption and use of FruitLook as well as maintaining and developing FruitLook’s network of stakeholders in the Western Cape including; government departments, catchment management and water user associations, local consultants, researchers, students, NGO’s, industry associations, and of course, farmers.

As part of this new arrangement we have taken on FruitLook’s existing TechCoach, Annaline Smith. Annaline brings with her two years of in-field FruitLook experience and we are training and deploying other members of our team to FruitLook.

Water has become the main limiting factor to agricultural production and is therefore a central critical aspect to sustainable agriculture, and we are very excited to have FruitLook now within our portfolio. It fully compliments our broader service offering and is particularly aligned with our work in the Confronting Climate Change Initiative and with our SHERPA Sustainability Management System – all aimed at empowering farmers with high-quality information to aid better decision-making toward the achievement of viable and resilient farming.

Interested in learning more about FruitLook and what this can do for your farm? Or are you familiar with FruitLook and looking for a refresher? Whatever your need, we are here to help. Please click HERE for the schedule for upcoming FruitLook training sessions.